Laura (L) + Rufus (RM).

Laura (L) + Rufus (RM).

We people, been doing creative stuff since we born. This is a creative company.

L dances. Had a brief bout with arts visual, and now helps artists put'emselves out in the world. More about her later.*

RM writes. Draws. Sometimes in trucks. Sometimes on them. Can cut on lines or off them, nail things together or bang them apart, sew stuff, etc.

L President.
RM also President.

Both good secretaries, assistants, collaborators, supervisors, editors, you name its.

L more digital / future. 
RM more analog / past.

*L used to be in the corps de ballet and a union rep. at Pittsburgh Ballet Theater. Also danced on a cruise ship. Has collaborated with Reid Farrington on lotsa shows since 2009. Makes shows with Jessica Nicoll too. Also used to work for Performance Space New York (PS122), Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC).